Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ode to a fig leaf [updated]

On the occasion of the announced retirement of Genetix Fitzsimplesimons, Liberty Scott strides on to the stage not to praise her career, but to bury it and to spit on its grave:

    There is much more than can be laid at the feet of the wolf in sheep's clothing. She looks like and generally talks like she wouldn't hurt a fly, but the truth is that she has been a force against reason, against science, against economics, against individual rights and has happily used personal attacks when she saw fit to do so.
She is a simpering vapid scaremongerer. New Zealanders should be pleased this nice but dim woman has not been in Cabinet, and has at the most dabbled around the edges of power rather than been in control of it.

There’s more, much more where that came from.  Read on here: Farewell to the wolf in sheep's clothing.

The best thing about Fitzsimplesimon’s retirement?  In Rob Hosking's words in the NBR, the departure of Fitzsimons -- “who has become a sort of organically grown, carbon-credit-worthy fig leaf for what is basically a radical left-wing party” – and in particular the elevation of non-environmentalist Sue Bradford, will expose for all to see the antediluvian Marxism that is now the ideological base of the local Greens.

UPDATE: Searching Scott’s ‘Marxist Gits’ file uncovers another seriously good lambasting of the woman who is the human fig leaf for the Marxist martyrs in the Greens: Just one more chance.  [I thank our ActSupporting commenter for the pointer.]


  1. The NBR man has it dead right - the passing of Fitzsimons will expose the Marxist underbelly of the Greens.

  2. Just checked out the Dominion Post's survey on the Greens' impending leadership change. 55% of respondents said they didn't care about the Greens.


  3. I agree that Genetix Fitzsimons is really thick. She makes Sue Bradford look intelligent.

    LibertyScott has an excellent article here on Genetix Fitz.

    Just one more chance

    After reading Scott's blog post on Genetix, I realized how daft the woman is. The scariest part for me was realizing that there are daft & stupid people everywhere in the country who kept voting the Greens into parliament.

  4. I was thinking last night that I'd really like to see Bradford elected as co-leader, simply because it should usher in a massive drop in popularity for the greens - if not the end of the party as it stands.

    We can only hope.

  5. I'm inclined to agree with Marcus. The woman is universally detested. Well, in NZ, anyway. :)

    (And wouldn't WE have lots of fun!) :) :) :)

  6. Found it hilarious that my first comment was that there was no shred of truth in it at all - yet I have links to when she says ALL of the things I claim.

    I just searched press releases on the Green website for Jeanette Fitzsimons - and they are all there. Shame so called "journalists" in the mainstream media can't do that.

  7. Well I think the real question is: how come NZ, a supposedly "capitalist" "free market" "democratic" country these people can get elected.

    Democracy - in the UK, the US and NZ - was designed to work with a property qualification so that only those with a stake in society could influence how their taxes were spent. We've lost that now.

    Something like that needs to be reintroduced (perhaps a senate with the franchise being 1 vote per $1M unencumbered property) or we need a german / israeli style consitutional court that can rule parties like the greens and labour out.

  8. Yes she is either a well meaning silly old thing or she is intentionally evil.
    As just one example, the price of petrol has been pushed up largely because they can get away with the ridiculous tax component being accepted as a sin tax. Otherwise I do not think this crippling cost would have been tolerated. I wander if the extent to which the looming depression can be blamed on green ideas can be quantified.

  9. Sus, my only fear is that Bradford's so detested that even the Greens can see the damage she'd do to the party if she was one of the hand-holding co-leaders they insist on having.

    Since that decision is made through a vote by every idiotic member of the green party, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Delahunty gets the job, as the average hippie probably found her godawful maiden speech to be inspirational.

  10. Marcus: yesterday's radio news reports quoted Sue Kedgley (who I thought would be the front-runner) and Catherine Delahunty as stating that they had no interest in the position.

    Bradford's certainly their mouth. In 2007 (in particular) she was their 'spokesperson' on seemingly every issue.

  11. Sean Fitzpatrick25 Feb 2009, 13:51:00

    If Bradford becomes leader, oh my golly, are we Libz going to have a field day!

    To respond to Sally - I favour the first option; I am more a cock-up theorist than a conspiracy theorist. The unfathomable depths of human stupidity tends to preclude the formation of most conspiracies in the first place.

    Also, to repeat a comment I made on Cactus Kate's blog - the loss of Fitzsimmons may well be the demise of the Greens so long as the opportunity to expose them for what they are is fully exploited.

    Most of their supporters are the young and impressionable - destroy their credibility in the eyes of this group and you destroy the Greens.

  12. I like Hosking's description of the Greens:

    It has become something of a cliché to describe the Greens as water melons – green the outside and red on the inside. It’s a bit more complex than that.

    Better to think of them as traffic lights – red one minute, green the next, and a sort of funny orange colour when Sue Kedgley accidentally eats a food additive.

  13. Can we get the Libertarians to genetically modify Fitzsimons and the Greens so that they are motivated to read Ayn Rand's works, and more importantly to understand them? :-)


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