Thursday, 19 February 2009

Irony alert

Headline from today’s NZ Herald: Rugby: Race rule could prevent NZ Maori playing Boks.

You just can’t make this stuff up, you know.


  1. I was just thinking how hypocritical it was of John Key to threaten a cricket boycott of Zimbabwe whilst presiding over his own apartheid regime, which other countries might well feel that they should boycott as they once did to South Africa.
    Good on South Africa for being the first to act against New Zealand apartheid and, as you say, what a delicious irony.

  2. Funny, but of course if someone wants to set up a NZ Maori team then it isn't the state's business - but equally not the state's business if others refuse to play with them.

  3. Somehow I don't see there being riots in SA should the Maori team play there.

  4. And that's exactly what I did, Paul, when I heard the news story early this morning! :)

    And of course I'm not the first to point out that many footballers who are named in the Maori side look paler than me ... ;)

    Scott's right.

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  6. As I think Tane Norton pointed out the other evening: if the Boks and/or Super 14 teams are subject to quotas, how does SARFU avoid breaching its own rule?

  7. The media is reporting that if John Key fails to ban the tour, then the cricketers must go, else NZ Cricket faces a US$2-million fine. Lobbiests are heading to WLG right now to beg John to ban the team from touring. What a pack of turdies (the cricket administration).

    Who was it that signed up to such an onerous agreement as the one they've got- an agreement which results in a US$2-million penalty for specific non-performance. You'd have to be a mad bastard to sign something as tough as that unless you never expected to have it actually applied (in which case the clause should not have appeared in the first place). Then again, a suitable insurance cover could have been sought. Whatever the case, they should have had a contingency plan to deal with this sort of occasion. But they failed to. Now they want to get the government to bail them out. That's what this is- a bail out- a free get out of jail card from the govt. That's what they want.

    The govt should do nothing. If the penalty is levied, then the cricket will hacve to wear it and live with the conseqeunces of their own actions. No-one forced them to sign.


  8. "The govt should do nothing."

    F*cking oath!

    Perhaps Cricket NZ should seek donations to cover the cost of any non-appearence fine...I'm sure the bleeding hearts will put their hands in their pockets and put their money where their mouth is. (c) Tui 2009.


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