Tuesday, 24 February 2009

General debate

Feel free to take a crack at whatever, and whomever, you wish.  Have at it!


  1. Threadjack again: Elijah, I invite you to email me at your earliest convenience at davedrawslines@gmail.com with a copy of the email you said you earlier sent me proving your $500 donation to the Greens. Man up.


  2. DenMT, don't believe this bullshitter Elijah. He won't email you, since his supposedly donation to the Greens over 2 months ago (as he said here on Not PC), was just hot air. It never happened, that is why he won't email you.

    If you can check it out with the Green Party officials if they received a donation of $500 from this clown Elijah, I bet the answer would be "NO".

    Elijah is a bullshit artist.

  3. So why is he one of PC's best and closest friends?

    I have been constantly abused from PC regarding my criticisms of 'Lineberry', who seems to have a god-like status in his eyes.

    Many on Perigo's SOLO site are owed bet money , and Perigo has seen the light.

    "Party of Principle" indeed Den. You are judged by the company you keep.

  4. Ruth, I think it is particularly poor form to leverage Elijah Lineberry's behaviour into an attack on PC.

    Anyways, a more interesting sidetrack. I am pretty heavily involved in martial arts, and my attention was directed recently to a website which I had seen in passing some time ago, which is run by a straight-out nutbar who makes some bizarre associations between martial arts and Objectivism. His name is Phil Elmore, and he comes up with some wacky statements, like 'leftists cannot truly practice martial arts'. Some of his material here:


    Anyone else on the site with an interest in martial arts that in any way agrees with Elmore?


  5. DenMT

    You pretended that you didn't want that bet played out in public domain and yet here you are bringing it up again. You hypocrite!

    If Elijah has paid the money to the Greens then it's been put to work impoverishing everyone else. Damn you DenMT. You are utterly beneath contempt.

    I sure hope that Elijah has the wit to either keep the money or send it to PC for the upkeep of this site.


  6. LGM,

    Why are you defending the scum Elijah? It was Elijah's bet that he made out in public (ie, in his own blog and also here at Not PC). Since he has disabled commenting on his blog, and he hasn't communicated to DenMT, despite Den giving his private email to Elijah (again that was prior to Den bringing the issue up here at Not PC because of Elijah's silence on the terms of the bet), Elijah hasn't communicated to Den, except some words here and there (in this blog).

    Is there something that Elijah hiding? I bet you. He said that he replied to Den with the photocopy of the check, but that's bullshit. You're more likely to lose something if sent by post, then via email. Den's email address either exists and that meant Elijah has sent it to a wrong address (which he can confirmed to Den the address being sent to) and not the correct one or the address doesn't exist, in which it would have bounced back to Elijah and Elijah would have known about the bounced email. But given that Elijah hasn't reconfirmed via the email that Den posted here at Not PC (which is a pretty damn easy thing to do), Elijah hasn't responded yet. Elijah is a fuckn' liar, end of story.

  7. LGM: I really don't want this 'played out in public'. All I want is proof that the bet has been satisfied. Unfortunately I have no other possible way of making contact with Elijah Lineberry, and as such have made use of the comments on the General Debate threads.

    I'm sorry you find me 'beneath contempt' - I must say that I have a fair whack of contempt for your contention that Elijah is somehow not beholden to keep his word because you don't agree with my politics. Not particularly principled.


  8. DenMT

    "I really don't want this 'played out in public".

    Sure. That's why you raised it in public. Again.


    I find you beneath contempt because it was you who directed the money to the Greens in the first place. If the money has gone there it will have been employed for purposes detrimental to the welfare of everyone else. There is nothing principled in giving money to criminals.

    It would have been far preferable that the money was directed to PC for the upkeep of this site or simply kept.


  9. Beehive

    Try reading.

    I did not defend Elijah. I wrote nothing about him. What I did write was that I hoped he had the wit not to pay money to the Greens, rather that he give it to PC or keep it. The reason for that is down to the nature of the Greens, their ideology and their actions.


  10. LGM: I'm losing my patience arguing with you. The whole reason I put my private email up on a public forum is so that Lineberry could send me a message in private, whether that was to weasel out of the bet, send me proof of satisfaction, whatever. He still hasn't, and as you can probably understand I want to see the terms of the bet fulfilled. Hence my usage of this thread. If I had ANY other means of contacting him, believe me I would.

    Re: paying the Greens. I gave Lineberry a clear option, and said at his discretion he could halve the sum he was liable for to me if he paid it to the Greens instead. So if you have a problem with the principle of supporting them I suggest you take it up with him.


  11. DenMT

    You can "lose your patience" all you like. Your emotional status is of no importance.

    You write: "I gave Lineberry a clear option..." Clearly YOU set the terms. It's for that you have been condemned.


  12. LGM, it is not your fuckn' concern at all regarding the bet between 2 consenting adults (Den & Elijah). What are you? Are you some sort of public opinion supreme court? Leave it to Den & Elijah, because it is none of your business to harangue Den.

    Here is what you failed to grasp. Whether the money was sent to Den or the Greens, that wouldn't change the point, which is Elijah hasn't honored the terms of the bet. The point is Elijah hasn't honored the bet and that is the issue here.

    Would you shut the fuck up if Den request that the money be paid to him rather than the Greens? I bet you won't. Your moaning here is that you think you so righteous, so get the fuck out of this. It is between Den & Elijah.

    No wondered that Elijah has gone missing, either from making comments here or contacting Den via the email Den posted here at Not PC. I think this bigot Elijah was caught red-handed by Den (and readers here) about Elijah's deceptions.

  13. Bozo

    You should start by applying your own advice (keep yourself out of matters that are not your concern you and that you do not understand). How about it? Why don't you stop being a hypocrit?

    Here is what you failed to grasp- DenMT set the terms. He is the one who directed money be paid to the Greens. That's what he got excoriated for. Do you understand that? Can you grasp that point?

    He also got identified as being a hypocrit. He says one thing and then does another (as do you). Then he tries to wriggle out by substiting one issue for another (a substitution that you are also guilty of making).

    Next time try addressing the point at issue.

    As stated previously it is to be hoped that Mr Lineberry has the wit not to pay good money to an evil outfit like the Greens. There are other, superior, options.


  14. LGM, you say there are other, superior, options.

    That superior option is to pay Den, so he can use it to buy something he likes.

    Do you have a problem with that? If you have no problem with that , then why don't you harangue Elijah to man up and honor the terms of the bet.

    Can you do that? I doubt it.

  15. Bozo,

    See, you're doing it again- concentrating on a peripheral as a way to avoid the substantive. What an intellectual weakling you are.

    OK Bozo; for the record, regarding superior options.
    On a previous thread I've already suggested that DenMT should have asked for the full amount so he could invest it on something good (like a client, his business etc.), rather than halving the quanta and having that sent to the Greens (which is contemptible). That was one option. Some others I've outlined on this thread. DenMT's responses have been weak and self-contradictory (hypocritical).

    Whether Elijah Lineberry takes one option or another up is a matter for Elijah Lineberry to determine. If you have a problem with that, then the problem is yours. Be a man & attend to your own issues. In the meantime you should go read what I actually wrote and acquaint yourself with the points that were addressed. Avoid fixating on the trivial and try considering the substantive for a change. Can you do it? Are you capable? Or are you intellectually incompetant?


  16. LGM, I'll say this nice and clearly in simple, short words so that you might finally understand the situation.

    You can call me all the names under the sun for giving Elijah the OPTION to reduce the sum of the bet, but at the end of the day he chose to. There was no compulsion, he freely chose to switch the benefactor of his outlandishly stupid bet from me to the Greens.

    I don't quite know where your obsession with me stems from - perhaps it's that you are offended that the General Debate thread is sullied with me 'taking a crack at whatever, and whomever [I] wish'.

    The fucking hilarious thing though, is that you have the stones to call ME hypocritical when it is YOU that is calling for a subjective treatment of principles based on the political persuasion of the person in question. Weak, lame, and laughable. Fuck off.


  17. Poor DenMT, throwing toys out of the cot.

    Let's make this simple, so simple that even a dishonest, fibbing brat such as yourself may understand.

    When it was originally mentioned (on a previous thread) that it'd be better to take the money and spend it on your own interests, your reponse was the sanctimonious "I don't want to play this out in public" routine. That turned out to be DenMT liar talk. For here, at the top of this thread, you raised the topic AGAIN. Then you retreated back into the "I don't want to play this out in public" routine again.

    First you say one thing and then you do another.

    When you got caught out you retreated, trying to excuse yourself, attempting to direct attention away from yourself and onto what Elijah Lineberry was or was not doing. Nevertheless the substantive point at issue here is not (and was not) the nature of that individual. It is what you have been doing.

    What has now been pointed out to you is:

    1/. You are a hypocrit

    2/. You set the terms of satisfaction of the bet. It was YOU who specified that money could be paid to the Greens.

    It is for those two you were condemned. You can emote all you like but those two items stand uncontested. They are fact.

    Turning now to Elijah Lineberry. What Elijah Lineberry does (or has done) are a matter for himself. They make no difference whatsoever to what has been identified about you and your behaviours. None at all.

    My comment regarding him remains to hope he has the wit not to direct money to the Greens but rather to avail himself of a superior course of action. What he actually does (or has done) can be judged and comment on separately in due course. Interestingly it would appear he does not "want this played out in public" and has not posted here. It may be interesting to hear from him and have him confirm what course of action he choses (or has chosen). In the meantime, let's not substitute Elijah Lineberry for DenMT.



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