Wednesday, 4 February 2009

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR'S: Madness and Minimum Wages

Two topical observations from the good Dr McGrath . . .
End Minimum Wage Madness
Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today urged Prime Minister John Key to abolish all minimum wage laws and allow prices to fall as they should during a period of economic recovery.

"Forcing employers to raise wages regardless of employee productivity is a recipe for staff layoffs and a disincentive to job creation," said Dr McGrath. "If raising wages by decree is such a good idea, why isn't $25 an hour better than $15 an hour? Why shouldn't we all get $100 an hour?"

"The National Party's values include limited government, individual freedom and competitive enterprise," he added. "Abolishing minimum wage laws is entirely consistent with these core values. The Libertarianz Party ask John Key to be true to his values and repeal the destructive, repressive minimum wage laws that threaten to prolong the economic recession."

Dunedin Stadium Fundraising Should be Voluntary
Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today praised the 1300 people who marched in protest against the Dunedin City Council's plan to force ratepayers, and possibly other taxpayers, to underwrite the cost of a proposed new sports stadium.

"As a former resident of Dunedin, I believe a new stadium would be a great asset for its owners and for the people of Otago. Personally, I am quite excited at the prospect of replacing Carisbrook with a bigger and better venue. However, that is no reason to shift the burden of funding this venture onto people who are already struggling during a time of economic recession," he said.

"The Libertarianz Party opposes coercion in all its forms, including this attempt by the DCC to shackle ratepayers to someone's dream," he added. "This project should be financed voluntarily, and entirely, from private sources. And other activities that Dunedin ratepayers are currently forced to pay for should be privatised and opened up to competition."

"The time has come for the people of Dunedin, and our other towns and cities, to ask whether they really need councils interfering in their lives," said Dr McGrath. "My party would like to see the scope and depth of city council activities scaled right back. By privatising the various services currently run as council monopolies, these and other local bodies could eventually be abolished."

"Meantime, the DCC should step back and allow those who wish to fund this project step forward, put their money where their mouths are, and stop trying to extort funds from other people who may not support the idea of a new multi-million dollar stadium."
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  1. Well said, Richard.

    I expect that the minimum wage will be responsible for around 50,000 of the unemployment within 18 months; and what a lot of people fail to realise is it is not just the pay but the 'add on' costs of employing people - ACC levies, Kiwisaver, Holiday pay (etc).

    As usual, only Libertarianz policies can save our great nation.

  2. As a Dunedin resident I agree... can I please stop paying any rates that go towards the Library, the Museum, the Early Settlers Museum, the art Gallery, The Sinfonia, social housing, rubbish collection (i hire my own wheelie bin), moana pool, botanical; gardens, the chinese gardens, pennisula reserve, public transport and probably a few other services i dont use that i have fogotten.....


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