Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What a lot of whingers!

Annie Fox hits the nail on the head:

Kiwis travellers are complaining that they have been stuck in Bangkok for four days and NZ government hadn't managed to bus them out.
Honestly what's wrong with these people - just go to the train station and get a train down to Malaysia - New Zealanders were once known for their ability to look after themselves - the socialist system has turned too many into useless, whingers with limited problem solving abilities.


  1. Damn Straight. It's not my fault, it's the governments. stuff that. take some responsibility. get some travel insurance. and phil goff, suck my date, half of the reason the current government can't do anything, is because you suck.

  2. This couple should be nominated for the wankers of the year award.

    Mr Jenkins said the embassy had offered a NZ$200 allowance but the money would have been repaid on return to New Zealand.

    "What a joke. As of yet we have received no financial assistance and are running up a large debt to keep ourselves going."

    Honestly taxpayers are expected to partially fund peoples holidays now! Heard of travel insurance?

  3. Oh it's like the "what will we do when the Post Office closes" nonsense of the 80s.

    Grow up, is the answer.

  4. NZers are conditioned to having the nanny state do everything for them, and they even expect that to happen when they're on the other side of the ocean.

    News flash: travel involves risk, especially when you go to a country with a history of coups.

    The nanny state breeds wimps and strengthens the power of the state:


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