Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Rush Creek Village, Ohio – Theodore Van Fossen, Martha Wakefield

401236304_6bb0e9b3e9 A little known subdivision in Ohio, created in the late fifties-early sixties, based its philosophy and the design of its 49 houses on the principles of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian houses

“Rush Creek,” says the New York Times in this story (that gets just a few details wrong, which is not bad for The NY Times), “is the country's most enduring and successful -- and undiscovered -- middle-class community built according to Wright's principles.”   Hat tip Prairie Mod, who say

401248580_27ac57e372 The article recounts the origin of the community and how it's survived through the years, changing the lives of the people who have sought out this architectural secret. It's the sort of lifestyle and community that is founded on the same principles that are at the heart of living PrairieMod. Check out the article and also cruise this link to see some Flickr photos of some of the houses in this remarkable Wright-inspired community.

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