Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Hapuku Lodge ‘Tree Houses,’ Kaikoura – Wilson Family architects


hapuku-lodge-trees You know, tourism architecture so often throws up interesting stuff, where an architect has taken a chance and actually tried to address the context of the project rather than simply unroll the office’s standard set of plans, re-title them, and then send out a bill -- as so many offices seem to do.

These ‘tree houses’ designed by the family who own and run them are really do sit beautifully in their context.  I like them.  I think they’re neat.

Here’s the Lodge’s website if you want to learn more, or you’d like to book yourself in.  And here’s more info about the architects.



  1. I reckon they're ugly, sorry.

  2. I love these tree houses. I live in Chch, with a holiday house in the Sounds and so drive pass this lodge on every trip (I couldn't tell you how many times they've almost killed me trying to get a better look while driving :) )

    Their situation is perfect, also, facing out to the sea on a lovely rugged part of the Kaikoura Coast.

    One day soon we're going to stop over and stay the night there.

  3. I think they are great- I saw them for the first time early this year.

    I want to stay there on my next trip down that way.

  4. Or maybe not- it's one of those 'even phoning us costs a packet' sort of places!


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