Monday, 3 November 2008

TV3 leaders debate drinking game

I'd just begun sketching out a drinking game for tonight's TV3 'Leaders Debate' when I noticed Dim Post's Daryl had done one way better than what I was working on.  Here's what I started with.

Take a drink every time John Key...

  • advances a policy that Labour wouldn't
  • uses the words "change" or "ambitious"
  • mentions the Maori seats
  • says "we have no bottom lines"
  • firmly commits to changing a Labour policy he's just been bagging
  • mentions the words "helicopter"

Take a drink every time Helen Clark...

  • says "It's time to move on"
  • mentions Roger Douglas
  • mentions Lockwood Smith
  • mentions the Maori seats
  • uses the word "trust"
  • calls Winston Peters "a hard-working and honourable Minister"
  • calls Judith Tizard "a hard-working and conscientious MP"
  • calls John Campbell a little creep

Take a drink every time John Campbell:

  • says "it's really good to have you both here"
  • asks a question that takes him less time for him to ask than it does for them to answer
  • asks a searching follow-up question that can't just be answered with spin

And now you've seen my own pissweak effort, you can print off Daryl's decent one to keep by your couch.

UPDATE:   This is pathetic.  John Campbell has simply forgotten the word "Debate" that  was used to sell these ninety minutes, or what the word actually means.  He's forgotten he's not the main event.


  1. Debate?! Not for me thanks. I have had my shots of adrenaline for the week. I don't think I can stand any more stupid clap trap.

    I just wish I could see the funny side of all this.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean.

    Take a long drink if either of them mentions individual liberty or property rights.

    Take an extra long drink if you catch one of them telling the truth.

    Drink a whole bottle of whiskey if either says anything about confronting the world's economic self-destruction with a plan that doesn't involve either gobs of borrowed money, printed money or new taxes -- which is what you're going to need when the results of their spend-spend-spend-spend-spend- plans kick in and take us all down.

  3. Best drink the lot before it all starts & spend the hour snoozing! :)

  4. Were there any leaders in the debate? Seemed like it was only John Campbell who got to say anything...


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