Thursday, 6 November 2008

See 'Backbenches' online

Thought I should let you know that last night's episode of 'Backbenches' is already up at TVNZ On Demand.  They work quickly at TVNZ (but unfortunately they're not so good at spelling my name, or the URL of this blog).  Watch it here.

It went well, and I had some great lines. If only I'd thought of some of them at the time.

Thanks to all the supporters who showed up. Great to see you all there.  I believe a random sample taken of the audience revealed that around 25% would vote Libertarianz.


  1. Splendid!

    I think you did very well...(gosh the Beltway liberal know-it-all wankers are odious aren't they?)...and got a lot of Libz points across.

  2. Yeah, good on all you Wellingtonian Libz getting the message out!

    The show was dominated by Libz slogans and marketing. What a great piece of campaigning!

    And a good interview too, Pete.

  3. Excellent viewing!

  4. Finally, my tax dollars doing something worthwhile.

  5. Great work PC.

    Man, Bomber sure spends a lot of time, expressing himself with utter certainy, to say exactly nothing. While Coco sure takes her time to say "I agree with the other 3". Once the host made the mistake of asking here a question first. Awkward.

  6. Come on Sean, be fair. Bomber was pretty certain he is in love with the Greens inspid advertising.

  7. Robert Winefield7 Nov 2008, 12:05:00

    How does someone overseas get to see PC on the Television?

  8. Does TVNZ On Demand not work for you if you don't have a .nz IP address?

    That's bizarre, but it allows me to boast about how good I was, without you being able to call me on it. :)

  9. "Bomber" sure is a twerp!

    Good appearance PC.

  10. Yes fuckers, I pay (residual) tax. However you don't get BBC on demand either.


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