Friday, 7 November 2008

The Obamessiah cometh!

2286521650_15d399b8c2 No, I haven't said much about Barack Obama.  Too much to be said and too little time right now to say it -- and too easy to look ungracious at a moment in history which is starting to look like it would when Moses came down from the mountains.

Because to see the reaction of Obamoids to this historic moment is like witnessing politics as religion -- a sentiment borne out by the messianic "grasping the arc of history" hyperbole.

These people really do seem to think that the coming of The One will heal the sick, calm the waters, and raise the dead.  And so does he, apparently.  Do you think they might have the wrong idea about what exactly politics does?  (The Onion strongly suspects they might.)

And what makes it history? Is it because he's the first president to come from Hawaii?  Or is it 'cos he's black -- the first black man in the White House?  Let's not fool ourselves, huh: We all know what it is, don't we, and the more everyone talks about his skin colour instead of his character -- including so many of those who voted for him -- we can be clear that forty years after Martin Luther King rang out his famous words, this presidential candidate has been judged not on the content of character, but on the colour of his skin.

That's not good enough.

But what it should be good enough to show is that if a black man can get the White House, then all the arguments for affirmative action and quotas and race-based law collapse overnight - and not just there, but over here as well -- so we really can consign race-based law to the dustbin of history.

I look forward to hearing any arguments why that shouldn't be so,

Anyway, I didn't want to say any more than that just now.  I wanted to point you to some good people who have:


  1. Barrack Obama's brilliant marketing job has appeared to have raised expectations that are impossible to satisfy. It will be interesting to see how he manages the disappointment that will inevitably occur.

  2. Disappointment. He won't need to worry much about that. After all, all he needs to do is blame the "rich" or some mythical "class enemy". See to it that there are a few show trials that destroy a few productive people conveniently labled as saboteurs. And he'll plan, organise, plan, organise, plan, organise, plan, organise, etc. The Obamistas will lap it all up.

    Shit-oh-dear, it sounds like something from Eastern Europe from the late '40s onwards.


  3. Peter, how dare you doubt the Messiah.
    I did over at No Minister and received heaps of abuse for my trouble.
    All I did was point to his socialism and corrupt connections in a post early yesterday.
    You will be joining me at the stake.
    The Obamatons probably would like to burn the non-believers.

  4. Yes I agree mate. Anyway, not even in your wildest dreams you will get that far. Good luck trying to leave "irrelevance-land"...


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