Thursday, 20 November 2008

The DPB: A failed experiment

Another gem from Libertarian Sus:

You almost don't know where to start, do you. Looking at the pieces of filth charged with the murder and assault of wee Nia Glassie, I just knew I was looking at subhumans. Everything about them, their demeanour, their detachment from what was going on around them, and yes, their complete lack of remorse or comprehension, even as to their actions, pointed to absolute uselessness. These cretins literally are a waste of space.  They're oxygen thieves.

We've been here before -- many times -- going right back to little Delcelia Witika and James Whakaruru, both tortured to death by family and de facto family. Then there was Baby Lillybing and the Kahui infants, whose killer or killers still walk free. What a bloody disgrace. There are many more in between whose names, I'm ashamed to say, escape me.

I've never had any time for hand-wringing. I'm not a wailing socialist. And it doesn't take a Philadelphian lawyer to point to the common denominator of unfettered social welfare ... in particular, that misguided experiment called the DPB which allows:

1. loser dads to bugger off and leave Mum with the kids, knowing that the poor old taxpayer - again - picks the tab, and

2. loser blokes to move in with single-Mum-with-kids-on-DPB, to be fed and screwed on demand, and

3. young women to screw anything with no personal regard for future consequences, ending up with children they really don't want, who are treated accordingly.

The DPB is at the heart of this misery, paying people to have babies they neither want, nor care for properly. And every govt for 30+ years has supported and promoted it, rather than have the guts to call it for what it is: a failed experiment.


  1. A failed experiment does not mean the theory will be abandoned. No, it means we need more money for further research.

    Unless the paradigm changes, no experiment will falsify anything.

  2. I know people on the DPB who do a really great job, the money is spent on the children, and they are raised in a loving, normal way. Sometimes it does work, but there needs to be more checks, more interference from welfare, plunket, and most of all, we need a replacement for the namby pamby, non-common sense Cindy Kiro. This would be a start, not a fix, someone like the hard liner, Judith Collins.

  3. Anon, government money does never work, because it is not their money. It's taken at gun point from other families. And more government checks mean more Kiros. It's the system that doesn't work, not the people.

  4. Wasn't Lisa Kuka working in this case though, while the scumbags were left to look after Nia. I'm no fan of the DPB but scrapping it won't stop cases like this from occuring.

  5. Someone asked "Wasn't Lisa Kuka working in this case though"?

    Well, yes she was, but it's no less death by welfare -- but the culture brought about about by three generations of handouts.

    I can do no better than quote Lindsay Mitchell:

    "What we are seeing in the Glassie case, and every other that does or doesn't hit the headlines, is supposed adults who have not grown up. Old enough to breed babies, do drugs and drink, get a menial job if it suits or not, but incapable of rationalising and controlling their fleeting, feckless, roller-coaster emotions. A child is perceived as weak or 'ugly'. It is targeted. This is grown-up bullying that has gone too far. The minds of these boy-men are further deranged by drink and the normalisation of violence through their daily cerebral activities. But they are just a cog in the generational wheel.

    Here's the difference though. Forty years ago they wouldn't have been allowed to form the kind of groups loosely call families. There would have been no financial mechanism to create them. Babies were adopted out, sometimes to extended whanau, sometimes to strangers. But to people who WANTED them. It wasn't a perfect answer by any means, but what ever is?

    So 40 years ago we weren't seeing the kind of mayhem we see now. Child abuse and neglect most certainly happened. But from everything I have read it was on a much smaller scale.

    Expecting the solution to this problem to come from watchful dobbers-in is just avoiding the true problem and shifting blame. Tomorrows victims are being born right now and being sent home by CYF people who hold fast to the ideology that the child must always remain with its biological mother; being written onto a benefit by WINZ people who are not tasked to ask any questions.

    Welcome to the compassionate and caring society.

  6. Lindsay on this subject, on the mark as always.

    Anon 1: PC slightly abridged my piece. I made the point that not all DPB recipients, obviously, are guilty of neglect/abuse. But Berend's response stands.

    Anon 2: So Lisa wasn't on the DPB per se. Big deal. With six children, (five now), do you think there was a chance that she might have been on a previous occasion? And do you seriously believe that there wasn't a welfare payment/s going into that home? How else did those other mongrels live?

    That said, it was the attitude to which I was condemning as much as the easy state money.

  7. What the hell was ACT thinking ignoring Lindsay the way they did?

    Had she been that fifth spot that caused so much hollow fuss, she'd be in Wgtn right now talking more sense on this issue than the rest of the house put together.


  8. Sus, I think you hit the nail on the head when you noted the total lack of comprehension displayed by these murderers.

    I can understand someone being a drug addicted piece of filth. I can understand someone getting so angry they snap. But I can't for the life of me understand how these mongrels didn't comprehend the awful nature of what they were doing, and being oblivious to effects their actions were having on a defenseless child.

    PC said: 'death by welfare'... a great turn of phrase.

  9. The UK is moving slowly in the right direction:
    Welfare plan 'may cause poverty'

    Maybe the National/ACT Government will copy this policy. Goodness knows the last government ripped off enough ideas from the UK.

    You'll note the BBC takes the opportunity to let your typical bludgers have a whine about what the "mean" government is doing to their lazy asses.


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