Thursday, 27 November 2008

Casa Mila apartments - Antoni Gaudi


The famous roof terraces from the Casa Mila apartments, Barcelona, Spain.

More info at the Gaudi Designer website.


  1. I assume since you've now posted twice featuring Gaudi's architecture you find something noteworthy about it. Can you explain what that might be?

  2. I love these, partly because I love difference, and those that dare to be. Gaudi's would be fascinating buildings to live or work in. I've certainly got it on my list to see one in person at some stage.

    If Ngai Tahu see that bottom photo, though, there's going to be trouble.

  3. It's one of those places you just don't forget. Go there, so and walk around the roof tops, you've got to be there to really understand the place and feel the space. You'll never forget it.

  4. Looks like a bizarre wavy chessboard. Quite like it.

    But PC, I didn't like Gaudi's cathedral in Barcelona at all. Found it *really* creepy. Made my skin crawl.

    Conversely, the guys I was with - all of them - just loved it.

  5. I love Gaudi's work. Even my wife, who was very unimpressed at the idea of looking at architecture, was fascinated when we looked round them. The cathedral is magnificent, especially the branching pillars like trees.

    Random fact about Casa Mila - Gaudi was a strong Catholic who always put some Christian symbol on his work (generally a cross on the roof). He wanted to put a 12m tall statue of the Virgin Mary on the Casa Mila roof. The owner wouldn't let him, so he stormed off the site, didn't attend the opening ceremony, and never worked for the guy again!


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