Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Californian plein air paintings - Michael Newberry

3032816118_1cb339b036_m When the going gets tough, the tough -- or some of them -- head towards Santa Monica.

Leastways, that's where painter Michael Newberry is now, working on some 'plein air' paintings in the California sun -- meaning small paintings (these shown here are just 9"x12") that are painted very quickly in the open air.


In his plein air paintings, Michael is always looking, he says,

to explore, to have fun, and to try new things. I try new color combinations, new ways of composing things when I’m working on a major work. So I’m adding that element to it as well. I think that my body of work will be significant in that there are hints of discovery and innovation throughout everything that I am doing.

If you'd like to purchase one of these jewels, you can contact Michael to arrange it. Newberryworkshop@earthlink.net.

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