Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Advice for new ministers

Chris Trotter and Gordon Campbell need have no fear, there is no great "libertarian experiment" about to break out at the top -- more's the pity.  Instead we have a public service full of what Liberty Scott calls bright-eyed bushy-tailed mediocrities who have spent nine years serving a pro-active interventionist government who will now be serving a status-quo interventionist government full of bright-eyed bushy-tailed mediocrities.

So there's some sort of symmetry there, I guess, if not much in the way of progress.

Still, should that be an unfair judgement and any of the new ministers be harbouring anything in their breasts in the way of experimenting, Scott proffers some advice on advice on how to deal with the mediocrities working for them.


  1. I just visited Trotsky's blog for the first time. It's taken a while, but I just couldn't see the point in screwing up a good day!

    What a hoot. I had tears of laughter in my eyes at the end of it. Only a sad old commie could worry that Key was in danger of turning libertarian.

    LMAO when he dragged up the organisations that, in "Old NZ" would have assembled at the drop of a Muscovite hat to protest the most minute attempt to break NZ out of its socialist chains. The usual unholy trinity of commies, trade unions & churches.

    Ah, the glorious days of Tom Skinner, Jim Knox, Sonja Davies & Bill Anderson, eh! Mr T must be weeping into his latte at their ilk's demise.

    Not this little black duck, Chris. May the bastards *never* rest in piece! :)

  2. Or peace, even!!

    (That'll teach me to post while working!).

  3. I did have to laugh when I read that Campbell had said "Once again, New Zealanders are going to be used as the lab rats in a nutcase libertarian experiement."

    Once again?

    He can't seriously think this government is libertarian, can he?


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