Wednesday, 1 October 2008

'The Rabbi's Cat' - Joann Sfar

A friend lent me a French graphic novel by Joann Sfar because it sems as if the 'Rabbi's Cat' is modelled on our own -- and what a charming wee piece it is.

Here's just a few frames.


  1. The cat looks like Schrodinger's Cat, with light gray color.

  2. Better the rabbi's cat than Mohammed's favourite wife, eh.

    Still, I'm sure the Archbishop of Canterbury can explain away the fire-bombing.

  3. It's a French comic^Hgraphic novel that's written partly in Dutch and partly in English, no French?

  4. Yes, like Tintin and Asterix it's obviously been translated a few times.

    (Since my scanner is't working properly at the moment, I found these few images on the net.)


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