Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oxygen of Peters' publicity counter-productive

Far be it from this humble blogger to point out the obvious to all the media mavens and highly paid spin doctors, but you do realise, don't you, that the more you give the oxygen of publicity to the liar and crook Winston Peters, the more support he receives?

Surely you've noticed by now that since you started attacking him several months ago, his polling has gone from on the floor to potentially 'back in the house' ?

So surely you must have realised by now that his supporters are so dopey they have neither idea nor care about what Winston is in the news for, just that he's in the news.  They don't care or even know why his picture is in the papers, just that it is in the papers, and on the evening news on their TV screen.

So if you want to see the back of the slimy lying crook, just start ignoring him for goodness' sake.  He's a creep who needs the oxygen of publicity to survive. Just don't give it to him.

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