Thursday, 23 October 2008

NZ blogosphere rankings

nzblogosphere Tumeke's Tim Selwyn has done another sterling job in ranking NZ's political blogosphere for another month -- you can see the new top twenty in Tumeke's side bar

Quite a few movements, most of them due to the increasing tribalisation of the blogosphere over the election period, and one of particular relevance to this blog: it's moved back up from seventh to fifth, for which I have to thank you, the readers.

So that looks to me like you lot have enjoyed what seems to have almost become NOT PC's primary focus over the last few weeks: providing rational commentary on governments' pursuit of economic destruction. I hope so.

Other big moves:

  • Clinton Smith's Double-Standard takes over from Russell Brown's Public Address at number two.  That's a big move -- there was a time when Public Address and Kiwiblog were the unassailable "Big Two."  For the Double-Standard to knock it off PA in just one year is quite some move, attributable perhaps to the help from both the Ninth Floor and NZ's biggest union making it essentially the country's first "full-time" professional blog.
  • The Chris Trotter/Matthew Hooton blog zooms up seven places to seven: a well-deserved move.  Love them or loathe them, if you haven't yet heard the spin these two can put on an issue, you have yet heard what a spin doctor can do to an issue.
  • The Green Party's Frog Blog drops five to nine.  Also richly deserved. Instead of being an outreach tool for the Greens' anti-industrial ideology, as it once was, Frog has more and more become a blog for the already-converted -- and with the collapse of the world's financial centres, the Frog's whining schtick has rapidly become less relevant.
  • No Minister drops four to ten.  A big drop for a big group of bloggers.  I blame the blue-tinted specs they've all put on for the election period that've been blinding them to what's really going on in the world.
  • And in other moves: the often hilarious Dim Post deservedly moves up four to twelve; the much quoted newbie Roar Prawn roars up to enter the top twenty at thirteen (unlucky for some, but); the stodgy Inquiring Mind drops four to fifteen; Poneke has obviously written about one bus trip too many, continuing its slide -- this month down to seventeen; and (as if to show the world's changing) the often rational Visible Hand in Economics enters the top-twenty at nineteen.

So that's one tribalist up, several tribalists down, and a new enthusiasm for rational economic commentary.  To my mind that should make Paul Walker's resolutely non-tribal and remarkably rational Anti Dismal much more visited than it is.  Check it out.

Anyway, congratulations to all the big movers, commiserations to those who've lost their place -- and for readers: take the opportunity to use Tim's hard work to check out a few new blogs when you get the chance.

Cheers, PC


  1. Moved back up from seventh to fifth!!! I suspect that readers are coming back because last month has seen less of abusive comments here at Not PC from some of the Libertarian defenders. It is good to have a civil dialogue and debate and not revert to abuse. It's Ok to have disagreements, but not Ok to abuse other commentators.

    Content-wise and depth (in terms of knowledge) of what you post here, is superior to any of the other NZ political blogs and this makes Not PC number #1 in this respect. I hope that Tumeke will start ranking blogs on the depth , relevancy and content rather than unique visitors. The other blogs are a platform for debate, irrespective if the commentators/participants are dull or not and that's why Kiwiblog, Standard, Public Address are popular, since you don't need a single neuron in your head to understand what they write about (mostly uninteresting).

    Well done PC.

  2. Thanks Amanda, I appreciate that.

    (I should point out that Amanda and I are not related, and no money has changed hands.) :-)

  3. "and (as if to show the world's changing) the often rational Visible Hand in Economics enters the top-twenty at nineteen"

    I'm afraid economics is not making a storming run in New Zealand - our September numbers were inflated because of people looking up tax cuts. When you take that out we would not have been in the top 20 methinks. I told Tim when I sent him the numbers, but he said that they don't adjust for one-offs like that as the ranking is a snapshot of the actual month.

    Congratulations on the increase by the way :)

  4. Ah, you're too humble, Matt.

    And thanks. :-)

  5. Splendid result, Peter!

    It is good so many chaps are visiting and enjoying what they read; this shows there is a strong voice for common sense and the correct way of doing things.

  6. I see that we're getting the usual smears derived from that incompetent whale. It'd be nice if people bothered to listen and make up their own minds. Be nice if they read the material about us on our site, but it seems like it is easier (or more expedient) to believe crap.

    Financially I pay for the The Standard, all $170 per month. All of our people do the site in spare time including me. It is a good example of how cooperation is often more effective than individualism.

    We don't get any help from the 9th floor that I'm aware of. That is just a pile of drek from the bloated one.

    I'm pretty sure that some of the posters are unionists. After all you can just read our About to find that out.

    The posters get e-mailed ideas and press stuff stuff all of the time. However that comes in from all sorts of sources. That is why we have a public e-mail address.

    I have to say that our traffic does seem to be rising a bit. I've had to figure out a lot of server performance enhancements over the last couple of months.

  7. Co-operation vs Individualism?

    False dichotomy! How is a group of individuals agreeing to work with each other anything other than indivuals co-operating?

  8. Many thanks for the mention Pete. I'm pleased to see I've moved from 58th to 37th! But like Matt I think that "economics is not making a storming run in New Zealand". I guess my numbers have been inflated because of people looking for stuff on the financial crisis. Good to see that Matt has joined you in the top 20. Congratulations on the move up.


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