Thursday, 9 October 2008

Moving breast awareness

It's still Breast Cancer Awareness Month; still an ideal opportunity to talk about ... well, about breasts, of course, those delightful endowments without which the world would be a much less attractive place

The website Film Threat is helping to raise awareness by celebrating the best breasts to ever grace the cinema screen.

Fine work, complete with the video evidence.


  1. PC, you must be balanced in your writings and posts here, since there are female readers here too and not just all males.

    How about if you occasionally post something to do with Penises, heh? I get bored of looking at women's breast artworks and women's bikinis here. Give your female readers something to be excited about.

  2. I'm sorry any list of this nature, that comes minus Ingrid Pitt, has no credibility in my books.

  3. Amanda, it's not exactly penis awareness week yet, and I'm sure that simply leafing through your spam folder will give you many varied subjects to grab your attentino. ;^)

    CA: Good point.


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