Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Lockwood Small-hands

From the "they're all as bad as each other" file, this time on immigration:
While Winston First wants to cut immigration by one-fifth (though for the life of me I don't know why that's news), the Greens are looking at a 'One-Child' policy for New Zealanders so we can make room for all those hundreds of thousands of climate refugees the world isn't filling up with.

Meanwhile, National's Blockwood Smithspeak apparently is only interested in allowing in Asians with large hands and Islanders who can use a toilet and who shower regularly. Story here (hat tip MikeE)

Tell me again why politicians are qualified to run our lives for us?

UPDATE 1: Perhaps I can earn back points with Cactus by saying I like her comments on this.

UPDATE 2: The Hive reckons it's a beat up.  Decide for yourself: Stuff has audio.


  1. Why the Lockwood Smith paragraph? Reading the article it is perfectly clear it is a misinterpretation on purpose.

    So Asians can do something better because of smaller hands. Great! That can be said. Surely you can appreciate such a comment?

    Nowhere does it single out Pacific islanders needing to learn to use a shower or toilet.

    The whole Lockwood Smith thing is a pathetic beat up for nothing and the only offensive thing, is him apologising for his comments.

  2. The real problem is that it shows a lack of judgement. To make comments which can possibly be interpreted as racist in the middle of an election campaign is pretty silly.

  3. Dinther, I don't agree it's a misinterpretation.

    He said "There are some skills in the vineyard that some people are perhaps better at. For example some of the pruning ... some of the Asian workers have been more productive ... because their hands are smaller."

    And ""Some of them [employers] are having to teach them [Pacific workers] things like how to use a toilet or shower ..."

    Is this a sound basis for immigration policy, FFS?

    I don't see it as offensive, except in the idea that an idiot like this could have some say over whether new immigrants get to stay here or not.

  4. It's all so laughable isn't it. Then again, the human race has survived periods of far greater irrationality than this one.

  5. Even more laughable, Hanso, is subsequent comment from Trevor Mallard.

    Anyone else see the irony in the Duck giving advice on civility? :)

  6. My servant who does all the cleaning is a Pacific Islander.

    Splendid gal, be lost without her..(imagine me having to do these tasks myself?!?! eekkkk!)...and she certainly knows all about hygiene and toilets and showers and things.

    The other good thing about her, and other Pacific Islanders in my experience (mostly people she has introduced me to)...they are very deferential; not an egalitarian bone in their bodies, more than happy to accept their place and defer to others.

    Splendid chaps!

    Perhaps if Lockwood Smith was an employer, or had spent any length of time outside of the 'beltway' in the last quarter century, he would not have made such comments.

  7. Well, I wasn't sure whether to give my party vote to Libertarianz or ACT, but another distasteful comment by Mr Lineberry clarifies things for me.

  8. I don't know why that would affect your vote, Steve, since Elijah is not a Libertarianz candidate.

  9. Steve,

    Your comment is unclear. Are you in favour of distasteful comments or not. Is act or Libz your distastfull party of choice?

    And what exactly was distastfull about EL's post? Purely for educational purposes.


  10. Sean/Steve,

    What's Act?

  11. I did not think Lockwood was commenting on immigrants but on short term work permit folk who are brought to do specific tasks for a short time.

  12. "What's Act?"

    A hell of a lot more likely to get into parliment and do some good for freedom than Libz are at this time,thats what!


  13. Ok James, What has ACT 'actually' done in its 12 years in parliament to roll back the powers of the State, and to promote individual rights, capitalism, and individual freedom? 12 years is a long enough time for you to provide me with pages of examples, but just a few examples will do.


  14. Oh Julian...ha ha!

    The answer is 'NOTHING'.

    The ACT people are so ghastly and 'middle class' they do not have the guts to actually do anything except talk, talk and talk.

    If the National party said "Every Wednesday morning at 10:12 you must copulate with a dog" the ACT people would happily go along with it, without question, without amendments, without rocking the boat.

    Or if National suggested establishing a Concentration Camp (complete with gas chambers) in the Wairarapa, ACT would go along with it.

    Or raising income taxes to 100.1% ...Rodney would say "I am a team player"

    The most disgraceful and disgusting part of all this is the number of Libz intending to vote for Rodney Hide in Epsom! just pathetic.


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