Friday, 31 October 2008

Better training. Better teachers. Better get onto it.

New Zealand needs better schools.  And it sure as hell needs better teachers -- and let's face it, it won't be getting either of these out of the government, no matter which of them is voted in next weekend.

The Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF) is on to it.  In February next year they open in Mt Eden with the first internationally-accredited Montessori diploma course to be offered in New Zealand.  This is where the great teachers will come from that will open those better schools.

RingMyBell-MMEF If you know someone who has a love of teaching, but who's appalled at the political correctness of mainstream education -- someone who loves education, but whose common sense would make years at the state's teachers colleges a misery -- then why not send them a flyer [pdf], point them to the MMEF blog, or just get them to check out the neat PowerPoint slideshow that's just been put up at the MMEF website* -- where they can also download an application form.

You owe it to those future generations.  ;^)

* To check out the slideshow, head to the MMEF website and click on 'Montessori: A Career For You.'  It could be, you know.


  1. How many Schoolmasters are they seeking to train?

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  3. I believe the all-up number for the first intake is around the two-dozen mark.

  4. Oh! that many? ..gosh..Carol will be delighted, that is a splendid number!

  5. If it's anything like the diploma course in Sweden, it should be excellent. My girlfriend's Mum is both a Montessori teacher and a teacher-trainer, and from the sounds of it, the programme here is both comprehensive and challenging.


  6. Great news. Congratulations MMEF! Anyone wanting to teach, do this! And bring on 6-12, like yesterday! :)

    - Sam P

  7. Sean Fitzpatrick1 Nov 2008, 09:17:00

    That is wonderful. As someone who works with kids and understands the value of different sensory inputs and whole brain stimulation to facillitate learning it looks brilliant. Shame it is in Auckland or I would be seriously tempted to do it myself!

  8. Hi PC,
    You (and Carol) might enjoy a comment passed by my Montessori-educated offspring on experiencing the teaching of Maths at her State Intermed. Her teacher read aloud all the material to be learned, and even read out the problems to be solved. Offspring said to me, "I can't believe you need training to be a teacher in this country."
    Out of the mouths...
    So all power to MMEF.


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