Tuesday, 9 September 2008

It's up to you, Helen

It's been a long time since the words "honourable" and "Helen Clark" have been used anywhere outside Parliament in anything other than jest, but after Owen Glenn's appearance before the privileges committee this afternoon, there is now only one honourable thing for her to do, and she must know it.
Owen Glenn's documented evidence that Winston Peters' paw prints were all over every part of NZ First's donation deal; that Labour President Mike Williams sought and gave his express consent to the donation; that Williams was informed of progress every step of the way ... taken together these all explicitly contradict crucial claims made by Peters that he never even knew about the money, and make it unlikely in the extreme that Helen Clark didn't know every important detail of the deal -- despite what she herself has said in talking around the affair.
There's only one honourable thing to do now, and Helen Clark must know: to go to the country and call an election.
It's up to you, Helen.


  1. Yeah, but what would that achieve? The National Socialists are not different to the Labour Socialists. More of the same is what NZers want, more of the same is what they'll vote and so that is what they shall have- more of the same.

    "Democracy is when the people get what they want- good and hard."


  2. "By being unintelligent and generally uninformed, voters were totally asking for it!"

    Sure, LGM.

  3. Well, the Kiwi voter is generally apathetic and uninformed and I doubt this will make a dent in Labour's popularity.
    If it's not on television and not headlines, it's as good as secret.

  4. There's only one honourable thing to do now, and Helen Clark must know: to go to the country and call an election. It's up to you, Helen.

    No Peter. I expected much better from you.

    Because in a few weeks, of course, Helen will most likely do just that --- unless, well, there is a "terrorist" strike" or some such thing.

    Going to the country is not doing the honourable thing.

    The honourable thing is
    * resigning as PM, as leader of the party, from cabinet, from paraliament, from Labour & Unions & everything
    * making a clear statement, explaining just how Labour corruptly stole the last 2 or 3 elections and how they planned to steal this one
    * accepting responsibility for everything from Donnegate and paintergate onwards
    * formally agreeing to cooperate with the police, SFO, Privileges committee investigations, and to plead guilty to all changes with the suggestion that jail terms should be sequential, not concurrent.
    * surrender all personal, family assets, trusts, etc, to the taxpayer.
    * as a final act, instruct the GG to appoint John Key as PM, and to delay the election until democracy can be restored to NZ.

    That is honour.

    Going to the public - business as usual.

    Labour bought the 2005 election with Owen Glenn's money

  5. The National Socialists are not different to the Labour Socialists

    Labour is systematic corrupt, and bought the last election with Owen Glenn's money.

    National, in short, did not.

  6. The Cultural Revolution ground to a halt when Chou En Lai ordered the arrest of Madam Jiang and the Gang of Four.

    It is too much to hope for a Chou here in NZ, but my money says there would be no shortage of police volunteers to be in on that warrant. [All hoping no doubt that the 9th floor ball-breakers put up a struggle]

    We live in interesting times.

  7. Well yes, she is going to call an election anyway. It would be nice if that self-satisfied Marxist prick Nicky Hager gave a view on it - actually I would rather he just fuck off.

    btw anonymous of 10.45pm, Chou En Lai was dead before the Gang of Four was arrested. Your point is well taken though.

  8. Libertyscott, You are correct I was wrong. Chou's successor as premier Hua Guofeng ordered the arrest.

    I stand corrupted.

    I will purge myself.

  9. Luke


    There are consequences to your actions. It is up to you to seek sufficient information to make the decisions you need to make in this life. Same deal goes for every person. If you make decisions in the absence of knowledge of fact and/or on the basis of emotion and feelings, then it is likely the consequences for you will not be ideal. Those consequences, arising from your decisions, will be yours to deal with. A logical rational person learns from such experiences and avoids making decsions by that method in the future. Do you understand?

    The situation in NZ is that the vast majority of the voters (~98%)are going to vote in support of the continuation of collectivism, force initiation, fraud, theft, coercion etc. In other words, they support getting more of exactly what they have been getting. They shall receive that for which they ask. That is the consequence of making the voting decision they make. Do you understand?

    Decision. Consequence.
    Do you understand the relationship?

    Now then, elections have been held in NZ for quite a time. National and Labour have both occupied the Treasury Benches on several previous occasions. There is plenty of information and experience of what these political groups do when they attain the power to rule. Nevertheless, in spite of this, the vast majority of votes cast will be to retain exactly the same politicals heading in exactly the same direction as their predecessors. The consequences are obvious and they will occur exactly as Menken identified- "good and hard." In other words, the people get what they want- what they ask for, what they vote. Do you understand?

    Final points. There is no excuse for being uninformed about the nature of government in NZ, as the information is easily available (should one be arsed to consider it and act on it). Anyway, the consequences of decisions occur regardless of convenient feel-good excuses.

    "Democracy is when the people get what they want- good and hard."

    Think about it.



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