Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hurricane Glenn

After Hurricanes Gustav and Ike hit Louisiana and the Caribbean, the long-anticipated Hurricane Glenn is now bearing down on Helengrad from Monaco this afternoon, with extensive political damage almost certain in its wake.

The blog Keeping Stock is offering a Guess the Diversion contest:

    Obviously the PM isn't going to want the attention of the nation focused on Owen Glenn's step into the corridors of power tomorrow. She's already being quoted on Newstalk ZB as saying that New Zealanders are "over" the NZ First funding row, and it makes sense that someone from Labour will pull a rabbit out of a hat in the next 24 hours to divert the eyes and ears of the nation.
    So what's it going to be? A waterfront stadium for Auckland? No, they've already done that. Buying the railways? No, too late.

Home Paddock is keeping the theme fresh today, with a game to guess what Peters' excuse will be today.

So what's your pick?  What's it going to be?  You have to be in to win.


  1. Maybe today is the day Helen will finally come out of the closet?

  2. Well in my bailiwick, I expect money to be announced for Transmission Gully to buy Wellington votes, and for an underground railway and completion of SH20 to buy Auckland votes. Total cost of this is around $4 billion.

  3. Who cares?

    Today is about Glenn & Helen --- Winston should be measuring his cell in paremoremo now...

    if NZ was a democracy, he & Helen would already be there.

  4. David Parker was doing his level best to talk up the 'benefits' of the ETS with Holmes this morning.

    All very cutesy, eco-friendly and a financial snip, apparently, (well, lucky old us!), in return for the warm fuzzies we'll receive from knowing that, despite the inactions of the rest of the world, we really do 'care'.

    Watch for lots more of this.

  5. And the 8.30am TRN news announced that Labour will support the Greens' (Nandor's actually) bill to limit land for refuse in favour of recycling plants, to be heard this week.

    Helen killing two birds with one stone .. potential diversion today and eco-sweetener for little sis.


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