Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Euro blog bans

Unable to stomach online criticism of the European Parliament, which their own research tells them is "overwhelmingly negative," some Euro MPs are running scared of the Euro-blogosphere and are seeking to muzzle it -- they aim to "regulate" blogs to  counter the "dangerous and unregulated blogosphere," and bans of anonymous bloggers aren't being ruled out.  Story here in the Telegraph.

I suspect the Ninth Floor will be watching this trial balloon to see how well it flies.


  1. The ninth floor will be watching *this* trial balloon?

    On the contrary, PC. I wouldn't be surprised if this totalitarianism had been given spiritual lift-off by their NZ comrades' EFA ..

  2. Its just not possible to control the blogosphere like the politicos would wish to. Similar to the pamphleteering in the 18 century, it will be impossible to actually clamp down on entirely because as soon as the pricks close the lid on one, if it is any good it will just surface somewhere else and those 'in the loop' will ensure that the 'viral' quality of the blogosphere is preserved.

    Well done for alerting us, though. This sort of totalitarianism must be publicised to the full so that the everyday populace will know what sort of assholes they are dealing with.

    Keep up the good work, PC!

  3. Of course "selected blogs" eg. the standard will still be allowed to continue with their blogging and only a clamp down on those critical of the current govt...

  4. Bloggers in Malaysia are changing the face of politics. Even the draconian Internal Security Act (detention without trial) does not deter blogcitizens from lambasting the ruling Malay party - once a sacred subject no one is allowed to criticised. An ex colleague Rocky had 7 millioin hits on his blog this week... Check his blog out http://www.rockybru.com.my/

  5. Europe is so lame. And still the liberals will say we should be copying them.


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