Friday, 15 August 2008

Who's Christine Caughey?

And why should you care? Simple answer is this: She's the silly bint who stood for council on the twin issues of NIMBYism and lowering rates, then thrown out when her success in the former was partly responsible for her failure in the latter.

She's the same silly bint who wants Wikipedia and Google "regulated ... to control the type of use of the internet for political/campaigning purposes." including for council elections, which are about as small-time as one can get. That is, she wants the internet "regulated" -- from little old New Zealand! -- to stop bloggers and internet sites saying nasty things about self-important small-time busybodies like herself.

And she's the same silly bint who's just been appointed to a plum sinecure on a national roads board. So as a time-serving busybody, she's certainly up there with the best of them.

So, when you're asked at the next pub quiz which small-time NZ time-server wants to censor Wikipedia and Google to stop people picking on her, the answer is this: Christine Caughey, blowhard. Here's her Wikipedia entry. The 'edit this page' tab is up towards the top of the page.

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  1. Yes Peter, and in my view the major strength of the internet in general and blog sites in particular is that this is the one area in our over regulated lives where free speech is still actually possible.
    Long may it remain so and fuck the interfering fascists like this interfering control freak who would so much like to get their talons into it.


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