Thursday, 21 August 2008

"Should the U.S. Use Military Force Against Iran?"

"Should the U.S. take direct military action against Iran?"  The question is debated here between Elan Journo from the Ayn Rand Insitute, and David Bukay from the Heritage Institute.

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Blogger daniel said...

Isn't this a little bit like "should I slap you upside the head" or "should the US government arm Saddam Hussein" or "should the cia overthrough a democratically elected government".

Why cant we just leave the buggers alone instead of building up even more blowback.

21 Aug 2008, 13:00:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this debate is a good one. Dr. Bukay has a lot to say about this -- and I think he brings up some very compelling points. Not saying he's right, just that there is lots to consider here.

21 Aug 2008, 16:38:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Preemptive stirke, ALCM-N's would do it nicely.
(not worth wating a few polaris)

and yeah, I'd hit Tehran.

21 Aug 2008, 20:54:00  

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