Friday, 22 August 2008

Trotter goes blogside

For all the scorn and derision that commentators, columnists and journalists pour upon blogs, aside from the likes of Colin James and Garth George -- neither of whom are probably even aware that blogs exist -- there's more and more of them turning to the blog side.

The latest to come across is Chris Trotter, who aims in his blog, he says, to be unashamedly elitist.  A fine non-egalitarian start then.


Blogger Bryan Spondre said...

Thanks for the plug Peter.

Bryan Spondre
Blog Producer

22 Aug 2008, 08:09:00  
Anonymous hanso said...

What a bizzare man. He makes a rational statement in one senatance, and an utterly idiotic one in the next.

22 Aug 2008, 08:39:00  
Anonymous benjamin said...

I would rather read a blog from Garth George than one from a communist Trotter.

22 Aug 2008, 09:26:00  

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