Thursday, 28 August 2008

Te Wero Bridge - the winner!

The winner of the competition to design the new opening bridge for Auckland's Viaduct area has just been announced, and it's this beauty above. As you know, I don't like to say "I told you so," but I did pick this as a winner way back in March.

Head here for more information on the winner, and a neat video showing how the movable blades work to open and close the bridge -- and also to find out how much it is estimated to cost ...


  1. richard mcgrath28 Aug 2008, 08:19:00

    Who pays the $51.2M cost?

  2. That looks like something out of Stargate Atlantis. Has someone had an engineer work out if it can actually be built like that?

  3. Manukau Mum, I expect that between them Hyder Consulting, Denton Corker Marshall and Kenneth Grubb and Associates will have asked an engineer to take a look -- particularly since Hyder Consulting are an engineering consultancy.

    Not to say, however, that things won't change when final drawings are done and safety rails and other bollocks are added to it. Just look how Te Papa changed from the competition-winning drawings to the final 'nuclear bunker' aesthetic it embodied once built.

    Richard: Guess who?

  4. Looks beautiful -finally, a Kiwi city may have a real man-made landmark.

  5. "Real man made landmark" it sure is. You may like to poll the Manukau City ratepayers about the Ormiston Road bridge and see how they feel about 'man made landmarks'. They are outraged.

    Gotta love Libz.

  6. Ruth, I think you are confusing the personal opinions of PC and Callum with official Libz policy.

    And I'm not sure how you can be confused about this. Its fairly obvious that most of the time, PC and Callum are stating their own opinion and not suggesting an official Libz position on the various things they comment on.

  7. No, no, no, Luke -- Ruth knows that everything I say is Holy Writ, to be taken down and used in policy positions forthwith.

    She understands that Libz must have a position on every one of the country's many architectural creations -- that my opinion must be her opinion.

    So how come you didn't get that memo?


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