Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A short midweek ramble


  • Here's a few pictures of the actual environment that would be at risk by drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and of the environmental destruction wrought by the Prudhoe Bay drilling operation, responsible for nearly twenty percent of U.S. oil production.
  • When discussing Objectivism once, and those who purport to be Objectivists, I was asked how long it takes to thoroughly understand and integrate the philosophy -- I said about ten year, if you're honest.  I'm fascinated to see that Objectivist philosopher Leonard Peikoff tackles the same question in his latest podcast.
  • Historian Scott Powell explains the importance of art in a proper study of history, especially as a means by which to develop what he calls "a proper historical awareness."  "By its nature," he says, "it is uniquely valuable, because it accomplishes two things at once: it engages students with vivid perceptual concretes and guides them to think “big picture” thoughts."  But there's more to it, much, much more ...
  • Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's "mission" is "not accomplished," says Alvaro Vargas Llosa, and is never likely to be -- his stated mission, at least.
  • And if you're here looking for boobs on bikes pictures from Auckland's parade -- and my Statcounter tells me there are hundreds of you -- then see what the blogs and TV3 have for you.  And, perversely, the Otago Daily Times.  Oh, and I'm obliged to let you know that Libertarianz were in favour of the parade, and in agreement that it was a freedom of speech issue.  The right to freedom of speech is required precisely for those actions and statements to which others object -- particularly those in power.  It's great to see one person at least, Steve Crow, who understands that.


  1. Lindsay Mitchell does an excellent blog. And reading it I constantly wonder why she is ACT: she reads as Libertarianz.

  2. Becuase ACT could get into parliament, maybe even into a government?
    MAybe because ACt is libertarian inspired, but less dogmatic than Libz?

    Sorry. My point is vote ACT to even TRY and make a difference, use Libz as a "think tank" to educate the unwashed.

  3. And now I read Lindsay Mitchell's Blog of this morning (21/8) and see she's been shafted by ACT vis a vis their list. Rightly Lindsay is livid, as she would have been, should have been, their one decent, freedom loving MP.

    I guess it shows ACT is not really interested in the ideas and principles.


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