Monday, 4 August 2008

How expensive is unpopularity?

The Hive has taken a look at how well-used are the much-hyped and exorbitantly expensive government websites, and by looking at their Alexa rankings you'd have to say "bloody poorly"  -- which also describes the wallets of New Zealanders after being fleeced to pay for them.

By way of example, this humble blog which you're reading now costs next to nothing, in fact it pays for itself, and according to Alexa it ranks 255,026th in the world, and 593rd in New Zealand.  That would place NOT PC third in the Hive's list of government websites, which we now know cost us millions of dollars,* just behind Stats NZ, and well ahead of  MFAT, Treasury and the Ministry for the Environment.  Check out the list here.

* And just for reference, the Sparc website and the Mission-On website, which are two holes down which we know millions of our dollars have been poured, rank 1,821st in NZ and 19,086th respectively.  To find blogs that unpopular, you'd have to visit the likes of these two, where neither thought nor readership are evident -- but at least we're not required to pay for them.


  1. This isn't amazing. Stolen money is cursed, as is all that it buys.

  2. Uhh .. did Rick Giles do something to you to deserve that sound drubbing?

    Or did you just get out on the wrong side of the bed this morning? :-D

  3. Let's see if Alexa ratings translate into

    A lot of your cheerleaders' ratings are in the toilet nigga - Tomahawk Kid, that Callum guy, Lineberry etc. In case you hadn't noticed.

    Jeebus I get more traffic than Lindsay Mitchell -what does THAT tell you.

    It's lame to criticise others for their traffic. It means nothing.

  4. Racist Ruth Racist.

  5. "Jeebus I get more traffic than Lindsay Mitchell - what does that tell you?"

    That there's people out there that'll read any old garbage.


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