Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Green scam

Anybody reading this who thinks the Greens haven't already decided their position on the anti-industrial Emissions Tax Scam? Who doesn't think the 'consultation' was always a sham -- a ruse by which they can sign up to a scheme they opposed without looking like they've backed down?

Anyone? Then I have a toll road I can sell you.

UPDATE: And here they go, emerging from this morning's caucus to pretend they considered your view and announce ... they're supporting Labour's Emissions Taxing Scam. Quel surprise.


  1. Sean Fitzpatrick26 Aug 2008, 14:20:00


    I feel another video coming on.....

  2. I remember reading that old women with the annoying voice from the NZ Green party saying something about wanting to get New Zealanders opinions on the ETS, and I though to myself.. We can't be trusted to discipline our children, we can't be trusted to eat the right food, we can't be trusted with nuclear power, we can't be trusted with bloody plastic bags, but they want OUR opinion on POLICY?

    Something is very inconsistent here.

  3. A prediction: whatever the details of this ratbastard scheme, National--if elected--will only fiddle with minor details.
    We're going to be screwed over yet again and taxed to within an inch of our lives, because any concessions and exemptions will probably only apply to the non-productive bludgers.

  4. STill, at let I got a few things off my chest via their email. No actual response yet (other than the automated one).

  5. The ETS is silly and should be scrapped.

  6. “Fear feeds ignorance” said James Lovelock in the Ages of Gaia,*and a great niche was opened for fear when science became incomprehensible to those who were not its practitioners”

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  7. "...and thus the New Royalty is established. Many ones are laid to slave, soon serve the birthright adopted upon them."


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