Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Control freak Clark

The Australian Government appears to have a very shrewd view of what drives Helen Clark. Unofficially released briefing notes picked up by the media describe her as "controlling," trusting "few people outside her inner circle," has "foreign policy perspectives forged during the Vietnam War," with a chief of staff, Heather Simpson (known as H2), "who is "known as the second most powerful person in New Zealand."

In short, a hippy control freak fighting yesterday's battles.



Blogger Elijah Lineberry said...

The worst part about it we may have another three years of her, seeing as John Key seems intent on losing the election...

20 Aug 2008, 17:33:00  
Anonymous hanso said...

What do you mean Elijah? Johnies doing quite well.

Not that it matters.

20 Aug 2008, 20:36:00  
Blogger Elijah Lineberry said...

Ha ha..well, personally I could not care less, they are both the same meat with slightly different gravy..(and in the ironic positon whereby the Labour chap went to a private school and has a rich background, whereas the National chap is working class with an appalling accent..hmmmm...)

But all I was meaning was that Ms Clark is far from dead and buried...(alas)

20 Aug 2008, 21:26:00  
Blogger Sean said...

Aussie comments - yup, very true. End of discussion.

Why does it always take someone outside of the NZ political environment to speak the truth about Dear Leader and her shabby band? Are they really THAT intimidating??

20 Aug 2008, 23:01:00  
Blogger KG said...

Sean, I suspect the problem is that in NZ, journalists who won't toe the party line are left out in the cold by the government media machine.

21 Aug 2008, 07:37:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a hippy control freak fighting yesterday's battles.

if only --- I mean, wouldn't you think

"a sandhurst general fighting yesterday's battles"

is a bit of an understatemenet for Bainimara?

or "an ex-independence leader fighting yesterday's battles"

a bit of an understatement for Mugabe?

But that's where Helen belongs, right?

21 Aug 2008, 09:55:00  
Anonymous Redbaiter said...

What a joke. The doctrinal control freaks that dominate NZ's so called Libertarian Party, and delete comments here no differently to the Standard, having the front to criticize Helen Klark. Sanctimonious pain in the arse pseudo liberals.

21 Aug 2008, 10:51:00  
Blogger Callum said...

^^^I think someone might be having a bad day at the office...

It'd be nice if you left some evidence to back up what you said, rather than just throw an insult and run away.

21 Aug 2008, 15:29:00  
Blogger Elijah Lineberry said...

I would be astounded to learn that Peter 'edited' comments that various chaps make on this weblog.

A few chaps delete their own comments due to spelling errors or a change of mind, but I doubt Peter has anything to do with it.

21 Aug 2008, 15:43:00  
Blogger PC said...

"I would be astounded to learn that Peter 'edited' comments that various chaps make on this weblog."

Yes, so would I.

I have deleted the very occasional off-topic anonymous slander of other commenters (which I'm happy to say has been only very occasional, no more than half-a dozen posts from memory), but insults coming my way I'm generally happy to suck up -- in short, comments posted here stay here, even those from sanctimonious pain-in-the-arse rank conservatives.

21 Aug 2008, 15:55:00  
Anonymous Redbaiter said...

Callum- I posted a comment here some months ago relating to some set of policy points that the Libz had come out with. I thought they were extremely good and I said this and also remarked that it was refreshing to see something from the Libs that was focused on down to earth policies and not on party drugs or the 'rights' of homosexuals. (or something like that.) The comment stood for a while but was gone later. I have checked back on other occasions, because to be honest, I found it hard to believe you would censor it myself. The comment had disappeared. I haven't commented here since. (until today).

That is not all though. I have been the victim of the arrogant and control freak behaviour of the Libz on other occasions. Apparently my enthusiasm for real freedom and my lack of interest in special rights for queers went against me.

21 Aug 2008, 16:28:00  
Blogger Callum said...

redbaiter, is there any specific evidence to say that it was PC's doings that led to the mysterious disappearance of your post? Most of the time, it's usually just blogger playing up. It happens on all message boards, usually when two people are trying to post at a time.

Also, it would say that the comment was deleted by the blogmaster if PC deleted it.

21 Aug 2008, 17:54:00  
Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Redbaiter, can you remember a few lines, phrases from your post, you thought the admin of this site deleted? If you do, then the best option is to do a Google using the specific phrase or keywords, and see if Google can bring it up.

21 Aug 2008, 20:13:00  
Blogger Luke H said...

"the arrogant and control freak behaviour of the Libz"

Ha ha ha ha!!

You meant to say, "the arrogant and control freak behaviour of Labour", right?

22 Aug 2008, 01:02:00  

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