Tuesday, 15 July 2008

'The Wave' - A-Cero Architects


Designed by A-Cero Architects of Madrid for a site in, where else, Dubai -- The Wave links its slender 'stems' together in a 'torsional wrap' to give movement to what will be the tallest structure designed by Spanish architects, and what's being called the world's first 'sea-scraper.' 'Floor plans' are below.

1590_4_1000 A-Cero Wave 4


  1. Stunning.

    Mark Hubbard

  2. Elijah

    Do you still think Dubai is such a bad place to live?

  3. Looks really impressive!

    Do you know how tall it's going to be, PC?

  4. "what will be the tallest structure designed by Spanish architects"

    LOL! What next, "The world's smallest structure designed by New Zealand First party members"?

  5. Tres impressive. Someone must've started up specialised tours of the new buildings in Dubai by now, almost worth a trip just to check em out.


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