Friday, 4 July 2008

Spot the hypocrites (updated)

NZ HERALD: "National attacked the Government yesterday over increased road-user charges ... but won't say it would undo them."

How do you spell 'arseholes'? Does it start with an 'N'?

UPDATE: And here's something else that snuck under the radar in the last couple of days.

With support from the Greens, NZ First and United Future, Labour has just passed legislation allowing all regional councils to impose a new diesel tax of up to 10c a litre, half of this to fund -- wait for it -- public transport!

And once again National has not said it would repeal this. (Ask their MPs specifically when you the chance.)

This will be the first fuel excise tax on diesel since 1977 when the Road User Charge was introduced to replace it, at a time when fuel prices are already at nose-bleeding levels.

Winston Peters, Peter Dunne, the Greens and Labour are all cheering this on - it is a new tax! And National will not repeal it.


  1. the more I read the more I believe that I should leave this country ASAP

  2. mo,

    I can personally recommend Melbourne, having made the move myself last March.

  3. But there are those who will argue that national or ACT will be better.......somehow. Amazing.

    Mo, you're probably right to consider the move. Trouble is that even the Lucky Country has its troubles with govt. Still, it isn't anywhere near as bad as here.


  4. My only issue with Australia is that they have some ultra-tight custom restrictions and in some cases they can get paranoid. I was thinking of Canada the USA or Dubai

  5. Dubia is very interesting at the moment. There are lots and lots and lots of opportunities. As they say, "Go West young man!"

    Alternatively you might like to try a visit to Singapore or Hong Kong (use it as a stepping stone into China proper). Both have their issues but there are some solid opportunities.

    BTW what do you do for a profession?


  6. well I graduated with a chemistry degree from Otago University and am currently working on my Msc in Bioinformatics. I was planning to leave after I finish the degree.

  7. Mo

    Try Singapore. Singapore is likely to become a leader in areas aligned with your area of expertise. They are likely have someting interesting for you. It is something of fascist state but it is safe, people are encourged to be self-reliant and there are few of the impediments to generating wealth that exist in NZ.

    Check out One North development. There is a biotech R&D park going in there. Also there are all sorts of high tech start-ups around Singapore aside from that one. Another outfit to contact is Singapore Technologies. Even if they are not active in the area you seek employment within they'll be able to make recommendations and provide introductions.

    What has always worked for me is to start making phone calls and getting names long before seeking a new position. Never be afraid to ask for introductions from people, even if you don't know them that well. Most managers who are unable to place you within their own organisation will react positively when you ask for their recommendations and leads etc. By the time you are ready to fly you'll already have some class A-1 OTG information to exploit. When you make your first visit it'll be effective and efficient- likely successful.

    Usually I get interested employers or clients to pay me to come see them. That may not work for your first attempt to set employment up but it is worth trying out. Once you are established as a known professional people will pay to see you. I've had plenty of free trips from that source. You will as well.

    One thing to always remember is that the slack-arse casual Kiwi attitude of "near-enough-good-enough" and "don't try too hard" and "good enough for government work" will count against progress and ultimate success. Adopt the can-do and will-do approach. Make sure you always deliver on-time and on-budget. If you can't, have a disaster recovery action plan ready. Be sure before you give your word to someone. Over there they WILL hold you to it. It is an island, but they do not operate on "island time".

    BTW you'll enjoy some of your greastest successes rectifying other people's muck-ups.

    Best part is that you can move on and see the next interting place should you get tired of Singers.


  8. Unpatriotic vermin...


  9. thanks for the suggestion Igm. I will certainly consider Singapore in the future.

    you seem like quite a knowledgeable guy and I wanted to get your advice on another issue, do you have an e-mail address through which we can discuss this matter?



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