Friday, 18 July 2008

So when can you watch AFL?

BOttensR052006_1 A few intelligent people have asked me recently how to find out which AFL games are broadcast internationally, since like all thinking people they'd like to get a dose of the world's most libertarian sport, but local guides like NZ's Sky Guide have proved notoriously unreliable.

I'm happy to provide the answer. Head to the AFL's site, click the link to the Broadcast Guide, and then mosey around until you see the button for the International Viewing Guide. This downloads a PDF giving you all the AFL's games broadcast all around the world.

And just to help you out even further, the game broadcast this week in NZ is the contest between Port Adelaide and local rivals the Adelaide Crows, showing on Sky Sport 3 at 5pm -- which means unfortunately that we'll have to hear reports about the the long-awaited top-of-the-table clash between Geelong and the Bulldogs on the 'net on Monday.

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