Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Lloyds of London - Richard Rogers


Lloyds interior Completed in 1986, Roger's building "with the insides on the outside" and an atrium at the centre caused a stir when it was built, as every thing even remotely tall or modern does in London, but like everything remotely controversial once completed it's now a London icon.

Ironically, when Rogers won the competition to complete the building, he was on the verge of giving up his architectural career, and he and his partner were already scanning the situations vacant pages.



  1. It sure is an icon, and the Committee Room alone is worth getting to know some one who can get you in.

  2. I have worked in the Lloyds market for most of my career. What I also like is the blend of the old and the new on the inside. It still has some of the original building including the oak panelling. Going into Lloyds always gives you some sense of ocassion even when you do it every day.

    Lloyds has been dwarfed by the inferior Willis building next door which is a shame. The best recent icon is the Gherkin just nearby.

  3. they can do this but dr who still looks arse


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