Sunday, 6 July 2008

Give the hospitals back!


As long as the taxpayer is fleeced to fund the die-while-you-wait health system, there's little chance of anything better emerging.

And as long as the state runs the health system, it will feel entitled to tell you that you can't do this and you can't do that and you can't smoke this and you can't snort that.

The state's die-while-you-wait health system has to be ended -- personal freedom requires it; economic freedom requires it; and our own personal health demands it.

Libertarianz health spokesman Dr Richard McGrath explains how to wean the health system off the taxpayers' tit and take it totally and painlessly out of the state's hands in just five years, and give the hospitals back to those who paid for them: taxpayers.

 Head to Libz TV to watch Doc McGrath's five-minute presentation on the five-year privatisation programme.  Take your hospitals back!


  1. Why the fuck do you need a five-year plan.

    The hospitals are broken.

    The management is broken.

    Even if you could maintain a going concern you dont want to.

    Here's a 5 day privitisation plan

    Day 1: fire everyone. Disconnect everything, take digital photos, post em on trademe. Post the buildings on there too.

    Day 5: highest bidder gets the stuff.

  2. anon:

    Easy. A five day plan would cause too much confusion. Also note the Parliament DOES have checks on power. Aside from the quorum busting (do you realy think Libz could get 80 seats) and the refusal from the Gov. General, the enforcers of the law, the police, would probably refuse to carry out the order. Within no time at all, the parliament would be disolved, and the Libertarian victory would be over.

    For a country as socialist (sorry, social democratic) as us, we have alot of political Gridlock. Why do you think Labor has not yet imposed a maximum income on us yet?

    Also, 5 years provides welfare families with enough time to adapt.


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