Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Cactus calculates just how much the above average woman spends each time she gets her leg over. It's the very least you can do to buy her dinner -- or offer her a tax deduction.

UPDATE: I can only imagine the response to Cactus' calculations if men wrote advice columns:

Male Agony


Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Sadly PC I didn't even manage an average of once a week in the past 52. Therefore the cost is even higher!

23 Jul 2008, 08:49:00  
Blogger PC said...


23 Jul 2008, 09:27:00  
Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Yes rather as LOOAMA was in a different country so geographical dislocation did make it a little difficult.

Fortunately I seem to have got over the monogamy bout.

23 Jul 2008, 13:25:00  

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