Friday, 27 June 2008

'Antilla' - Perkins + Will

1831_Antilia 1  2007_06_25_01
The world's first $1 billion, 27-storey 170m tall house now under construction will soon be home to the world's fifth-richest man, industrial Mukesh Abani.  The house, named Antilla and designed by Dallas & L.A. architects Perkins + Will, will be the Mumbai home to Abani, his family, and 600 staff. 

As Nevil Gibson, points out, "the money is now being made in what used to be called the Third World. The fastest growing Rich List numbers are in Brazil, China, India and Russia, the so-called Bric economies.."

More details of the house here and here.





  1. What the holy hell ... ???

    That's amazing.

    I always enjoy the architecture posts, PC, thanks.

  2. 600 staff?!?! that domestic staff, or including staff working for his company?

    On a positive note, this chap will be able to consign his lady Wife to, say, the 11th floor, whilst be can escape her nagging by living in the Penthouse! ha ha!

  3. Is it just me, or does all that foliage bring to mind the hanging gardens? Amazing!

  4. I don't know a lot about architecture, but I know what I like, and frankly... that looks like shit.

    If you're going to be wonky and avant-guarde, at least avoid making it look like something a five year old constructed out of lego.

  5. Blair

    As you correctly wrote, "I don't know a lot about architecture." That being the case you should keep your ignorant opinions to yourself! Spare us your nonsense.


  6. No, no, LGM, I always like seeing how others see art and architecture.

    I think "shit" is a little harsh in this case, but I think it's fair to say the architecture is far less amazing than the concept.

  7. Now I have to say this one is butt ugly. It looks like something I would come up with if I was let loose with a Lego set.

  8. That building looks ugly, which is similar to a square/rectangular building on my street (almost directly opposite to my place).

  9. Agree with Blair & AF & the Lego comparison. Don't like it, PC. Don't like it all.

    As Mr Cowell would say: Just an opinion!


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