Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thank You Israel

When Israel flew jets over Syria last September, there was much speculation about what they were doing.

Now we know: they were undertaking an airstrike against a Syrian gas-cooled graphite-moderated nuclear reactor, being built (secretly, and with North Korean help) not to produce power, but to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons. The airstrike destroyed the reactor for good. [Report here at the Washington Post. Video here released by the US Government detailing Syria's covert nuclear reactor and the North Korean involvement in its construction. Hat tip Prodos.]

Given the nature of fourth-generation warfare -- which requires that some hostile entity provide supplies and materiel to keep terrorists in operation -- and given the nature of nuclear weapons production -- which requires the industrial infrastructure only a hostile state can provide -- the whole civilised world can say Thank You Israel for making sure the plutonium-based nukes that would have emerged from this hostile facility and straight into the hands of terrorists were never, ever produced.


  1. Israel better get ready for condemnation from the United Nations and the Greens.

  2. Now please ....please....nail the Iranian nuclear program. The rest of the world are too chicken-shit.

  3. Well done Israel. You did it in 1981 to Saddam's secret nuclear program, now you're doing it again and this time it is Syria which wants to destroy you. I would love to see you strike at the Iranian's nuke facilities.

  4. Can Israel really be counted as a friendly country?
    It is the biggest single cause of all the wars/terrorism in the world today.

  5. "Can Israel really be counted as a friendly country?
    It is the biggest single cause of all the wars/terrorism in the world today."

    Just as the existence of those pesky Jews back in 40's Germany caused all that Nazism and holocaust huh...?

    The bastards!

  6. Actually I think the strike was probably aimed more at preserving Israel's nuclear monopoly in the Middle East. Which is understandable.

    Syria was probably working on a nuclear program to deter possible US and/or Israeli aggression. Which is also understandable.

    Either way, I see no particular need to say "Thank you, Israel".

  7. Keith, and Keith's anonymous friend:

    Your comments are utterly idiotic.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Keith,

    Is Israel responsible for the conflict between Muslims and others in Iraq, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America? Or could it be, just possibly, the Islamo-fascists that are responsible?

    Keith's anonymous friend,

    Given Israel's military actions since it's founding have been in self-defence (even when pre-emptory) against hostile Arab neighbours, is it not just that it maintains its nuclear monopoly. And given that Syria is a dictatorship and thus illegitimate, is it not appropriate that it be prevented from acquiring nukes? Do you see no fundamental difference between the governments of Israel and Syria?

    Thank you Israel - I only wish your bases were close enough to strike Iran's nuclear facilities.

  10. Sooner or later one of these Arab outfits will get a nuclear weapon. They will detonate it and kill many, many peple. Unlke the rest of us, they'll imediately want to drepeat the feat. It's just a matter of time.

    Israel's actions postponed the dangerous situation whereby the Arab madmen end up possessing many such weapons.

    Right now, with all their rotten theism and nationalism, the Arabs are run by dangerous and violent leaders. Under such circumstances should they develop a nuc lear capability a pre-emptive strike is completely justified.

    Note: none of these mad bastards would ever have developed the ability to build (or attempt to build) nuclear weapons had Western Governments defended the private property of the oil companies. they didn't and so now many will be fearing for their very lives soon enough.

  11. Israel was established by conquest of another country. And PC thinks that is a good thing? It is very understandable that there is resistance to such an occupation. With their 'refugee' camps, constant denigration of the Palestinians, murder and theft of their land, the Israeli's are Hitlers most faithful followers.

  12. "Israel was established by conquest of another country"

    And what country was that pray tell Keith?

    AntiSemitic fuck.


  13. Keith you are a dick and actually know no history other than the revisionist crap.

    I was talking to the two lebanese guys who make my kebabs on Thursday nights and they suggested that if Netanyahu gets elected PM of Israel later this year then they will bomb Iran's nuclear reactors as well. I asked what they though of that possibility and they were all for it.



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