Monday, 19 May 2008

Shooting the Koran

Why do some Muslims get incensed about a US soldier using the Koran for target practice, but take to the streets to offer support (or by their silence give tacit support): to fathers who slaughter their daughters ( so called  'honour killings'), to rape victims being executed, to those who insult the Koran being executed, to teenagers being sentenced to death for consensual sex, to adults being sentenced to death for adultery.

Liberty Scott has the question, and the evidence.

As he (almost) says, "the priorities of far too many Muslims are: book first, lives second, goats third ... and women a distant fourth).

And what about those who berate Westerners for being 'offensive' to Islamic culture, but who turn a blind eye to a religion that was born in violent conquest and which today mandates and endorses genital mutilation, the subjugation of women, the stoning of gays, the beheading of those who satirise their stone-age beliefs, and the violent institution of sharia law and dhimmitude across the globe?

What sort of person would get more angry at those being offensive to such a barbaric culture than they would at the practitioners of barbarity themselves?

Frankly, if barbarity like that described above doesn't offend you, then you've failed as a human being. 

And if the barbarity comes from a religious book, then all the more reason to use it as target practice.


  1. 10 years ago you could have shot a qu'ran at target practise, flushed a qu'ran (if you had a big enough toilet) and pretty much chewed the pages out with yer teeth, and no one would have batted an eyelid.

    What has happened to change all that?

    Currently the equation is a commodity (namely an object called a book) has equal value as a citizen, ie: you can't shoot at it.

    Meanwhile capitalists & western governments keep investing and assisting in the proliferation of such dogma - after all there is a profit to be made - morality aside.

  2. The only thing the Koran is good for is to be riddled with bullets since it was written by a false prophet. At least now THAT copy of the book is holey!


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