Friday, 16 May 2008

Most politically incorrect country ever

News from northern waters of the gradual emergence of one of the most politically incorrect states in the international community: Greenland, currently petitioning Denmark for independence. It's credentials are impeccable:

Whalemeat figures large in its traditional cooking and its hunters enthusiastically track down some of the cud-dliest animals on the planet, including polar bears, seals and walruses. Even the seats of the lounge at Nuuk airport are covered in seal skin.

As for global warming, Greenlanders cannot get enough of it. The melting of the icebergs may, as some climate scientists predict, ultimately end up by flooding American cities, but it has given political bargaining muscle to the 57,000 inhabitants of the world’s largest island."

In fairness though, it's not the most politically incorrect country ever.  That accolade would possibly go to the Greenlanders' forebears, the Vikings, not known for being backward when rapine and pillage was concerned.

(Or, since political correctness is based on the collectivism of predigested opinions, a case could be made that the most politically incorrect country ever was the America the founding fathers thought they were creating -- the nation that was founded on the protection of individual rights.   That political correctness was invented in America shows how far it has strayed.)

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