Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Frightening Facebook friends

Dave Gee must be doing something right with his blog since it ranks ahead of Cactus Kate's in the local politico-blog rankings -- no mean achievement.  Maybe it's because he finds stuff like this: What if Facebook was Real Life? 



  1. Facebook and other social networking sites are useless. Nothing is useful in joining these sites. The only thing useful is that members are suckers, since they will be subjected to in your face ads, and members are not objected. So, the social networking site, gets money from their sponsored advertisements while suckers are being bombarded with non-stop ads and invitations to join someone else's network of friends.

    I prefer to get in touch with friends once in a while (phone, email or in person), like once a month or even longer, etc... In this way, I don't get information overload in what my friends are doing, ie, which toilet they went to in the last week or which take away shop they bought their fish'n chips from, and so forth. See, I don't need to know all these irrelevant information from a networking site. Besides, isn't it nice to talk with your friends whom you haven't seen in a while if you can ask them what they've been up to lately?

  2. I totally disagree, FF. There are a multitude of useless features on Facebook but at it's core it is actually very useful. I know what friends across the world are up to at a glance, I can contact a bunch of people very simply without dredging out little-used email addresses, I have been pleasantly surprised with visits from old friends travelling through Wellington whom I otherwise would have missed, and I have made contact with old acquaintances in an obligation-free forum which isn't too awkward.

    Sure, I've ignored weird requests from people I barely know to be 'Friends', and been subjected to seemingly endless invitations for bizarre and pointless applications, but on the whole it's a positive thing. It probably appeals more to some demographics than others.


    PS I did that Politopia quiz PC (subsequently deleted) and got 'Centre' - I was aghast.

  3. Peter, some time ago you joined Facebook. What did/do you think of it?


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