Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Enforcing the Gore-thodoxy at Wikipedia

As a footnote to my regular injunction "don't use Wikipedia for any subject that's controversial," here's the story of how the global warming pages at Wikipedia are constructed, mostly under the watchful eye of a net guardian by the name of Kim Dabelstein Petersen [aka Tabletop], who has set herself up as Wikipedia's warmist gatekeeper [hat tip Bidinotto].  As Lawrence Solomon of Canada's Financial Post summarises,

The thought police at the supposedly independent site are fervently enforcing the climate orthodoxy...  If you have read a climate change article on Wikipedia -- or on any controversial subject that may have its own Kim Dabelstein Petersen -- beware. Wikipedia is in the hands of the zealots

UPDATE: Solomon has a follow-up on another Wikipedia warmist, a man he calls The Opinionator, who is

an administrator with unusual editorial clout. Using that clout, this 40-something scientist of minor relevance gets to tear down scientists of great accomplishment. Because Wikipedia has become the single biggest reference source in the world, and global warming is one of the most sought-after subjects, the ability to control information on Wikipedia by taking down authoritative scientists is no trifling matter.


  1. And a follow-up also by Lawrence Solomon:


  2. I forsee a movie called "WIKI-WARS".

  3. a movie? more like WW3

  4. Read Kim's responses. He is driven by a philosophy deeper than Enviromentalism.

  5. Consensus science and encyclopaedias by anyone who wants to create one.

    But we can trust wikipedia to be utterly neutral on religion and evolution.


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