Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Benmore Dam


Aerial view of Benmore Dam and Waitaki Valley in North Otago, with the Southern Alps in the distance.  A stunningly located piece of industrial architecture, turning landscape into power. Magnificent.  [Picture by David Wall.]


  1. Stunning shot, reminds me of the old "National Anthem" broadcasts that started the day on tele. Incidentally they were the only times when our dirge of a national anthem did not sound like a dirge.

  2. Benmore is a facinating site and I recommend a visit to everyone.

    It (and the HVDC link) was bleeding edge technology when it was designed and built.

    Designed and built by Goverment departments no less (The old Ministry of Works and the Electricity department).

    On time and under budget too.

    Wouldn't reust today's public service to do that!



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