Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Still waiting for Tax Freedom Day

New Zealand governments both central and local now steal 42.4 percent  of all the wealth produced in this country.  You might look at this in two ways:

At a rate of theft of 42.4 percent, that means one person out of every couple is going out to work just to pay the tax bill.  Think about that when you're thinking about the problems facing New Zealand families -- or when you're wondering why life today seems so much busier than it used to three or four decades ago before the invention of so many labour-saving devices (you might say the benefits of all those devices have been socialised).

Or you could look at it this way.  If you work it out on the basis of how many days you work every year, and match that with the proportion of wealth that government steals, then the day you stop working to pay your tax every year and start working for yourself we can call Tax Freedom Day.

In New Zealand that day is June 4.

We're not there yet. From January 1 to April 29, we've been working for central government.  And starting today, we're working for local government.  The yoke doesn't come off for another six long weeks.

Paul Walker has more.


  1. What a disgrace!

    I would love to put the tax and spend Politicians in the NationalLabour coalition on trial in a libertarian "People's Court" to justify this theft, and to ask what we get for our money..well..'your' money (I am not actually a taxpayer)..and I would like to hear their excuses for this pillage....before sentencing them to hard labour for the rest of their lives to reimburse Businessmen and Rich people for the $500 billion or so which has been stolen from this overtaxed minority over the years.

  2. I had my tax freedom day ages ago......

  3. Do you live in NZ Elijah?

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  5. Benjamin, or whatever your sordid name is, please take your particular brand of vileness elsewhere. Permanently.


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