Monday, 21 April 2008

MG meets Montessori


I did get to Napier over the weekend for the Montessori Association conference -- in a different MG than the one I'd intended, and just in time to take keynote speaker Cheryl Ferreira for a spin around the Art Deco city.  As she said, there's nothing like a bit of wind through your sari.
[Photo by Fred Stevens from Studio NZ Photography,]


  1. What a brilliant car the F is. I hope that one was one of the examples built with Alex Moulton's suspension. If it was, you really are a lucky man and I am very jealous. You bastard you!


  2. Although did I detect a whiff of disparagement for the MGF in a previous post. ?

  3. You're grey as a mule - when did that happen?!

  4. better than the red one


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