Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Kindersymphonies Project - Frank Lloyd Wright


A group of four kindergartens designed in 1926 for the Chicago suburb of Oak Park. Wright archivist Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer reckons "no project more evidently portrays Wright's love of delighting small children than this one for a group of four playhouses in Oak Park, Illinois.  Even the title suggests the romance of the scheme, 'Kindersymphonies.' The names he selected for the playhouses further suggest the gaiety of the project: 'The Goblin,' or 'Scherzo,' 'Two-for-a-Penny,' 'The Iovanna,' after his daughter's name, and 'The Anne Baxter' after his granddaughter."

The perspective shows a Froebelian playhouse with coloured globes and a reflecting pool.


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