Wednesday, 16 April 2008

An evening with a global warming skeptic

Bob_Carter If you haven't yet seen Professor Bob Carter (right) on his speaking tour denouncing the nonsense of man-made global warming, you have three chances left:

  • Wed 16, 7pm, Stratford T.E.T.Multi-Sports Centre, Portia St., Stratford.
  • Thur 17, Morrinsville
  • Fri 18, Auckland, Royal NZ Yacht Squadron, (includes dinner)

You may know of Bob. He is an internationally recognised expert on climate change -- a geologist from James Cook Uni in Australia, a graduate of Otago Bob_Carter_bio University, a member of the Climate Science Coalition, and he really knows his stuff. 

A friend went to see him last night in Masterton, and he tells me he was enormously impressive.  "It was a packed house of mainly local farmers. A few greenies there too, and he dealt with them ruthlessly but courteously. Some of the lines he came out with were almost verbatim quotes from George Reisman. Well worth seeing." 

  • For his itinerary: link to download pdf: link
  • To attend dinner presentation at Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Auckland, Friday 18 April: download pdf. link
  • To make a direct booking for RNZ Yacht Squadron event : link
  • And to read a recent piece by Carter, head here to the NZCPR site.



  1. Stratford?

    What map was he given?

  2. is that pic up to date?


  3. Wow, I never thought I'd see my old town's TET multi-sports centre on a famous blog like this!

    I was there a few weeks ago and never guessed that Stratford would be getting the latest in anti-global-warming talks ...

  4. Are you from Stratford Luke?

    Me too.....I was born there. Needless to say its a great place!


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