Friday, 14 March 2008

Too popular for NZ

Funky furniture giant Ikea has been barred from opening its first New Zealand store by the Environment Court because "its stores are so popular."

Such is the upside-down world of the Resource Management Act.

The nearest Ikea store will remain for the time being in Sydney -- unless of course they become less popular in the meantime.  Story here.  [Hat tip Elliot Who?]


  1. And, as ever, the question must be asked

    "What will John Key do about it?

    Nothing. Can't blame Labour for this one, they've just kept National Party law in place.

  2. One Saturday the wie and I went to Ikea (Thurrock)and we were about the only people there. It was the Saturday before Christmas. It seems Ikea don't cut the mustard for xmas shoppers.

  3. *Rolls Eyes* ...this is just pure, old fashioned Communism.

  4. I've never noticed traffic chaos around IKEA stores, and I've been to two of them in Sydney. There's only so much furniture and nic-naks a person can buy at a time, and not all the furniture is cheap.


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