Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Some NOT PC stats (week 10-14 March)

Some stats for you from the last working week: 

NZ Political Blog Rank for NOT PC: #6 (last month #5)
Alexa 1-week  Ranking: 277,663 (last week 307,327)
Unique visits [from Statcounter] 4,865 (4,978)
Page views [from Statcounter] 7,516 (7,618)
Top referring sites:
    Search engines, 1664 referrals; Libz, 198; Kiwiblog, 80; Whale Oil, 62; No Minister, 50; Woolfie, 39
Top keywords:
   not pc, 89; nipcc, 61; pc blogspot, 28; ipcc bali, 21; obama and clinton, 21;  ahmed zaoui; 21;
They're reading NOT PC here:

Top countries (Statcounter):
   NZ, 50.5%; USA, 16.4%; Australia, 5.4%; UK, 5.2%; Canada, 2.4%; Italy, 1.7%; Sweden, 1.6%
Top countries (Alexa):
   NZ 67%; USA, 17.7%; Canada, 2.3%; Venezuela, 1.5%; Chile, 1.5%; Argentina, 0.8%; Colombia, 0.8%
Top cities (Statcounter):  
   Auckland, 17%; Wellington/Christchurch, 3.5%; Sydney, 2.9%; Melbourne, 2.7%; London, 1.8%

Cheers, and thanks for reading and linking to NOT PC, 
Peter Cresswell

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